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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't Wait

I was recently contacted by a gentleman who is a week away from having his house auctioned. a the foreclosure sale. He has run out of options and now wants my team to step in and buy his house. As you can imagine, he has extremely anxious for our help after living for weeks with an impending foreclosure and seeing his options one, by one disappear.

We will do everything we can for him, but at this late date, the odds are against us. You see, it takes time to contact the bank, fax them the necessary paperwork and confirm they received it, talk to a live person at the bank about the situation, take pictures, have a contractor give us estimated repair costs and the hundreds of other things that have to happen.

Plus, this homeowner isn’t the only person in trouble that the bank has to deal with. The bank may not be able to give his situation the attention it needs in the short time available. The average person at the bank dealing with foreclosures has 100’s of files on their desk, so it is hard to get their attention on any particular one.

Make no mistake, my team has been doing this long enough to have key relationships established and to know a few tricks to try to defuse this time bomb. Wish us luck as we do everything we can to get this homeowner back to better times.

Don’t wait – call us now. The more time we have to do what we need to do to help you, the more effective we will be and the more options you will have.

Joel (aka Stop Foreclosure Man)


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